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Without your detailed explanations and suggestions on how to prepare for interviews, I would still be searching for my first real job. I was turned down 3 times by companies where I was qualified to do the job. I was at the point of giving up. You don't know how happy I was to find your website. You have given me the opportunity of a lifetime to work for the company of my dreams. Without, I would probably have been eaten alive by the five person interview. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!
- Mark Pham, Milpitas, California is the best source of useful information available to recent grads, bar none.
- Jonas Salganik, Brooklyn, New York

I have found my job thanks to and it is the perfect job for me. Thank you so much!
- Matt Rhodus, Staff Consultant, Yantra Corporation; graduate of Southwest Missouri State University

Thanks to the information you provided, I was able to go to interviews calm and cool, waiting and expecting the questions you had outlined at your site. I had to make a decision between two job offers and I start next week!
- Kevin Willis, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Incredible!! The information at this site is exactly what I need, as I attend a private school that lacks the number of students needed to attract a pool of employers.
- Greg Dzurik, Nashville, Tennessee made the difference in getting my job offer. Because of your techniques, I stayed in touch with the company I really wanted to work for. And it turns out that the guy they originally wanted declined the offer. So I received an offer and accepted. I just wanted to thank you for the inspiring website, because I would have given up if it wasn’t for your information.
- Kendrick Glenn, Bedford Heights, Ohio

Absolutely excellent. What I have read at has opened my eyes. I have a new sense of confidence in myself. I believe now that I have the ability to find the ‘perfect’ job.
- Ryan Redfield, Lexington, Kentucky is a very valuable tool that should be recommended to every college student when they step onto the college campus. I wish I would have discovered this site 4 years ago! Thank you for the knowledge!
- Kristina Dixon, University of California-Berkeley graduate, Alta Loma, California

Several of your tactics made a huge difference in my job search. I finally got a job at a CBS affiliate. So thanks to your help, I can continue my life after college.
- Mark Yost, Greenville, South Carolina

Thanks for helping me to understand what I really want for my career and then how to go after my goal.
- Tiffanie Doana, Orlando, Florida

Direct, to the point and yet very informative, with a sense of humor.
- Eloise Grams, Lakeland, Florida

When I graduated, I did not have a job lined up. I spent about a month looking before my mother stumbled upon and told me about it. Within a month, using your techniques, I secured six interviews that resulted in two job offers (and I had to cancel three of the remaining six). The techniques presented for interviewing really gave me a lot of confidence. Thanks again.
- Mario Napoli, Clinical Programmer Analyst, Agouron Pharmaceuticals

Awesome! In fact, I would say life altering! Thank you!
- Maureen O’Brien, Glendale, Arizona

I was happy to have found It has helped me organize in my mind the sometimes overwhelming process of getting a job. It is the only Web site I found that met my exact needs. It covers the entire job search process instead of just one aspect or another.
- Danelle Kremer, Reston, Virginia

A great Web site, even for the international student who is looking for a job in the U.S.A.
- Satoru Kawasaki, Lexington, Kentucky

As a recent graduate of the University of Florida, this site contains all the information I that I have been looking for to improve my job hunting skills. I feel that every graduating Senior needs to visit this site so that they can find the job of their dreams. This information should be part of a college requirement course.
- Nikki Edwards, Gainesville, Florida

The best job search Web site I have seen so far. It covers all aspects of the job hunting process. But most important of all, the information is written by a person who is actually involved in the field and not by a passive observer.
- Ganapathy Raman, Knoxville, Tennessee

Your guide is the most complete, well rounded and most succinct I have ever read. Never ever give up. I was offered the position of my dreams last week. Thank you for all your advice in addition to the stories and eternal quotes!
-Charles Finkler, Washington, D.C.

A great start for college grads and entry level job seekers. It has inspired me to change some of my outdated job seeking tactics.
- Stephanie Kline, Kingmont, West Virginia

The absolute best Web site I have seen to date. Very helpful.
- Pavel Maryska, Riverside, California

The section on evaluating the job offer helped me to remain calm, cool and in control. As a result, I received vital information concerning raises and negotiated an excellent salary along with benefits!
- Sean Jackson, Lubbock, Texas

It’s GREAT!!! There are a lot of great ideas at this Web site. It also acts as a confidence builder.
- Erin Kreibich, Longmont, Colorado

Your site gives practical advice for those people who are not quite sure how to handle their first experience in job hunting (such as myself). Tips are enlightening and wonderfully detailed.
- Maria Yabes, Chicago, Illinois

My son used the information at and secured an excellent job. I am referring my other children to it as well.
- Anna Nelson, Indianapolis, Indiana

Pure genius.
- Kristine Alvarez, Laurel Springs, New Jersey

An extremely helpful Web site. It’s helping me get fully prepared for my job search.
- Troy Kaiser, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Your site is purely motivating. I’m really excited about beginning my job search.
- Jennifer Woolridge, Blacksburg, Virginia

Excellent! The information at this Web site should be required reading for all college freshmen!
- Andrea Mellen, Calumet, Michigan

There are tons of useful ideas that I have not found anywhere else. I am telling friends.
- Joshua Chambers, Rome City, Indiana

The most helpful Web site I’ve seen on job search. Real world examples and solutions. Thanks!
- Melanie Delouze, Richmond, Virginia

Excellent, straightforward and honest. Tells it the way it is.
- Mike Metz, Elyria, Ohio

Very informative and thoroughly explores every aspect of the job search process.
- Erica Burkes, Birmingham, Alabama

Wonderful! Finally I have some direction.
- Rachel McClary, San Antonio, Texas

An outstanding Web site. The information ranks up there with many of the great books I’ve read in college.
- Douglas Hang, El Monte, California

Inspiring and filled with easy to follow advice. I was insecure in my ability to find a job previous to finding
- Roel Langendoen, Camas, Washington

Very helpful. Answers a lot of questions I had in mind. The whole job search process looks more clear now.
- Gaye Karakurt, Laguna Beach, California

Fantastic! I’ve been a ‘Baby on the Doorstep’ using your techniques!
-Colton Miller, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Inspiring! Full of terrific ideas and tips! Thank you!
- Terra Lockhart, Emporia, Kansas

Great site! I bought two--one for my college grad daughter and one for myself.
- Syd Wellman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Very insightful and a great help for college grads.
- Joyce Kitayama, Pasadena, California

Infinitely beneficial in the long run. Great, honest advice!
- Jenny Boyd, Chico, California

Seems to have many practical tips. I am telling my daughter at school about it.
-Seana Miller, Tucson, Arizona

An excellent resource for ideas and planning leading to a job!
- Steven Rosen, San Diego, California

A great push in the right direction to finding my future!
- Melissa Williams, St. Louis, Missouri

Very helpful for college grads. I have used many of the techniques. I would recommend to every college grad.
- Dawn Ruzicka, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin is a must visit for every new college graduate out there.
- Rodney Devos Angeles, Milpitas, California

Wonderful! I’ve gotten some excellent ideas that will help me to stand out.
- Katie Hymans, Des Moines, Iowa clearly states how to stand out amongst fellow job seekers.
- Matt Sonnycalb, Bellbrook, Ohio

Very helpful and insightful with lucid and practical insider-type advice. It is wonderful to have this sort of resource!
- Rina Dorfman, Baltimore, Maryland

Unique. The suggestions are very honest. Some things at I have not heard anywhere else.
- Matthew Creswell, Mission Viejo, California

Extremely helpful! I am taking ‘MK 481: Self-Marketing’ in the fall, and is giving me a great head-start!
- Becca Tinik, Spangler, Pennsylvania

I love it! I would recommend it to anyone graduating from college!
- Marcie McGukin, Auburn, Alabama

There is so much useful information on just about every page!
- Mike Keil, Menasha, Wisconsin

Extremely helpful for college students and recent grads. Highly recommended.
- Andrew Mauk, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Awesome! So many great ideas. It has put me on track with my job search. Thank you!
- Melissa Hyson, Panama City, Florida

The best career hunting material I’ve every seen.
- Scott Schweizer, Stamford, Connecticut

Superb. It gives excellent detail on the behind-the-scenes viewpoint of the entry level job market. A must see site for college students.
- Dain Seale, Roanoke, Virginia

Extremely helpful. It has given me a lot of tips that I never would have thought of.
- Danielle Brecht, State College, Pennsylvania

Incredibly helpful. It has encouraged my creativity and given me ideas that I would not have thought of doing.
- Brennie Sharpe, Hillsborough, North Carolina

A huge help to my job search. It got my butt moving.
- Aimee Cronin, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Well organized and motivational. Extremely helpful.
- Jessica Huggins, Fox Point, Wisconsin

Very helpful and is giving me a lot of new insight on how to approach my job search.
- Clarissa Yu, Daly City, California

Very, very good. The best job search Web site I’ve ever seen. Highly practical. Thank you.
- Rich Lawson, Mountlake Terrace, Washington

Very informative. I read a lot of new ideas I have never heard before.
- Jennifer Rueger, Hampton, Virginia

Excellent Web site. It solved all my puzzles in looking for a job.
- Xueshun Teng, Harrisonburg, Virginia

A great Web site that got me thinking in a totally different way about the job search process. Thanks!
- JD Howard, Raleigh, North Carolina

Wonderful! I get more and more excited after every new technique.
- Brian Thornton, Norman, Oklahoma

A great Web site! I love the attitude and approach. Great new ideas!!
- Amy Boltinghouse, Shreveport, Louisiana

Every college Senior should have a copy as they begin their final year.
- Nadine Wedderburn, Palm Bay, Florida

A well organized Web site that contains invaluable information for students.
- Anthony Beeler, Athens, Ohio

The most informative job search tool I have!
- Jill Bates, Highland Village, Texas

The best Web site for college students and entry level job seekers that I have found.
- Robert Havlik, Bristol, Tennessee

The best job hunt guide specifically geared to college grads!! Very innovative and guaranteed to work!!
- Grace Kim, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

The best job search Web site out there for recent college grads. I'm so glad I found this site!
- Angela Chan, Fresh Meadows, New York

The most practical, reality-based employment Web site I have found.
- Henry Gerdes, St. Louis, Missouri

Packed with useful information. It changed my perspective—even though I know that I’m good, I have to get through to hiring managers and convince them.
- Stacy Mannino, Bergenfield, New Jersey

Out of the four other Web sites I’ve visited so far, this one is by far the most useful.
- Richard Gatten, South Charleston, Ohio

Very well written and very helpful. It has given me more confidence in my job search.
- Michael Klug, West Lafayette, Indiana

After reading the information at this site, I immediately put together a brochure about myself. Going into marketing, I thought it was a great idea. The company that hired me told me that they see hundreds of resumes that all look alike and seeing my brochure was refreshing. Thanks to your innovative ideas, I got the attention we as college grads rightly deserve. These ideas work wonders! Use them wisely!
- Brian Stern, Boston, Massachusetts

All of your help and advice has been greatly appreciated! I just wanted to let you know that I just received an offer from a market research firm. I don't think I could have done it without you! Thanks for all the great support. You are the greatest!
- Angela Strickland, Houston, Texas has done wonders in targeting my job search and improving my self marketing.
- Graham Morin, Hanover Park, Illinois

A great reference on the do’s and don’ts when job hunting.
- Daniel D’Olive, Bronham, Texas

Absolutely excellent.
- Robin Michaels, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Super! Very impressed with your ability (and willingness) to share what you know about the job hunt. However, I must admit to mixed emotions about sharing this resource with others in the same job market!
- Larry Kinsler, Kingsport, Tennessee

The best job search website I have ever found.
- Eric Lo, Knoxville, Tennessee

I love all the tips and imaginative ideas!
- Bryanna Taube, East Lansing, Michigan

An excellent Web site. I only wish I had known about it before I graduated!
- Deirdre Phillips, Walnut Creek, California

Interesting and useful. Although I am an ‘adult’ grad, I find this Web site offers helpful advice others do not.
- Sonja Van Hoose, Fruitland, Maryland

Thank you very much for your great website. It is full of wisdom and good spirit. Because of the information at, I had a thorough presentation for my accounting entry level job hunting. Last week I got a job offer from Ernst Young. I am very happy. helped me get ahead of most of my classmates.
- Vivian Liu, Jackson Heights, New York

A great reference guide. I only wish I had discovered it earlier in my college career!
- Michele McAfee, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Very informative, very helpful. I found new techniques and tips that will greatly improve my chances of being hired in the company of my choice.
- Barbara Roxas, Roseville, California

Provides much insight and useful information as opposed to the same old same old.
- Beth Beaty, Martin, Tennessee

Insprirational and unique. I feel inclined to trust the information at and ignore the others.
- Vu Phan, Edison, New Jersey

Excellent!! The Web site presents a lot of new ideas and approaches to finding a job. I now feel more confident about my job search.
- Veronika Sonsev, Germantown, Maryland

Great advice on networking. It’s an excellent Web site. It’s really helpful for a recent college graduate like myself.
- Jaruwan Taylor, Richmond, California

Insightful, interesting, helpful, overall excellent.
- Peter Chen, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

I have thoroughly enjoyed the information at It has provided me with a wealth of information and tips. Thanks!
- Angela Gustavson, Daytona Beach, Florida

I love It’s been very helpful in starting my hunt!
- Cheryl Liem, Hayward, California

I love and truly appreciate ALL of the information you have provided on this site! You can be assured that I will recommend your site to all of my friends/colleagues.
- Joseph Patella, Tampa, Florida

It’s a damn shame I hadn’t discovered earlier!
- Charlene Stoy, Hooksett, New Hamphire has helped to calm my nerves about my upcoming graduation.
- Crystal Woodring, Marietta, Georgia

I would first like to say that I love your site. I found it very informative and extremely helpful. While I haven't found a job yet I’m a little closer today than I was yesterday.
- Charlie Hurka, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

I really appreciated the free advice you have on this site - especially the audio-video section. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for giving me confidence about the interview process.
- Ahmed Muhsin, Ithaca, New York

Thank you guys. has helped me a lot in my job interviews. I am currently working as a technical support for a company and I decided to write you and thank you for making because it helped me a great deal to prepare for the interview for this job after college. Thank you again.
- Victor James, Seattle, Washington

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