Why You Should Search Beyond Your College Job Board

Many colleges and universities have a local job board which lists internships and entry level jobs. While this may be a good starting point in your job search, do not rely on it exclusively in your job search.

Why? Because the local college job board lists only those jobs which employers have specifically paid to have posted there for a limited period of time.

On the surface, that may not seem like a bad thing. After all, the fact that an employer is paying extra money to post to your college or university shows that they have a strong interest in the students attending there. Right. Yet that’s not even close to representing the entire universe of jobs and internships that are available to you. It’s only a small fraction.

So you need to go beyond your local college job board to look at the broad spectrum of entry level jobs and internships available to students from your school.

There are several reasons that employers are posting nationally but not posting locally to your college job board:

  1. Cost. A single nationwide job posting at CollegeGrad.com is much more cost effective than posting on 3, 5, 10 or more individual job boards.
  2. Time. Most recruiters don’t have time to complete the different job posting form at each school or university.
  3. Expiration. The employer may still be hiring, but only posted the job for a limited time on the local college job board. Yet the job continues to be posted nationally.
  4. Events. Many employers post to the college job board when they are doing employer info sessions or on campus interviewing. After that, the jobs often expire and are no longer listed.
  5. Breadth. Most employers are looking for great quality candidates regardless of where they went to school. While some employers may still choose to post exclusively to Harvard or Stanford, that type of search is highly restrictive and ignoring that there are high quality candidates at all colleges.

So the best way to search for all jobs is to do a job search here:

Search for jobs:

Here is a listing of some of the local college job boards along with links to additional jobs in their area: