Catering Degree - Online and Campus Programs

A Career as a Food Caterer

Earning a degree in catering gives you the opportunity to showcase both your culinary skills and your business savvy. Whether you choose to lend your talents to a large food catering company or try your hand at your own small catering business, that degree in culinary arts puts you in the driver's seat! While in the catering degree program, you learn everything from the hard-and-fast rules of proper kitchen hygiene and food storage, to the more elegant endeavors of creative menu selections. In addition to learning about nutrition and meal planning, you also receive a thorough business education that can hold you in good stead as you pursue a career in food catering.

How to Prepare for a Career in Catering

A career in catering begins with a degree in culinary arts. Obtaining your associate's or bachelor's degree in culinary arts qualifies you to become a food caterer and picking up real-world experience along the way makes you a much more attractive option to potential employers. In addition to honing your food preparation and presentation skills, business courses can give you that boost you need to become a successful food caterer. Now is a good time to jump into the culinary fire. Though competition is always keen, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the opportunities for landing a job are good. Those who work in special services like food catering can expect a median wage of $33,850, though they might make more, depending upon location and experience.