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Dear Friend,

I am looking forward to assisting you in your job search. I strongly believe that there is a new job out there that is just right for you. It is waiting for you to find it. Your job search goal will be to find and secure that job. This site is my way of reaching out to help you in your job search as we walk down that path together.

As you look forward to life after college, your first priority should be to focus on the importance of securing an outstanding first job. That first job, whether it lasts twelve months or forty years, will start you on the path to your future life. This site is designed to direct you in seeking out and finding that critical first position. The pages that follow are filled with hundreds of techniques and tactics that will guide you in your quest.

I realize that this site contains far more techniques and tactics than any one person could use during the course of a single job search—or even in a single work lifetime. Why are there so many? Because some techniques will work for you—and others will not. Some of the information may not apply to your specific circumstances and other information will need modification to fit your personal style and needs. The key to your personal success involves using the appropriate techniques to gain a competitive edge by putting this information to use.

Does each technique work every time? No, of course not. But these methods can aid you in opening new doors that might have been previously impassable. They can assist you in getting into a company that is not officially hiring and in finding an opportunity of which no one else is aware. These techniques can also prepare you for succeeding in the interview when you might have otherwise failed. In short, this site is a tool to assist you in reaching your full career potential. Remember, I am only here to provide you with the tools and techniques to help you. You are the one who must actively put the information to work.

These techniques have all been field-tested and have been successful for others. But they will require an element that no website can give: your personal touch. The best job search tactics are those that allow for modification to fit your personal style and needs. That has been a central focus in developing this site, giving you the tools you need, while allowing you to retain your individual personality. So make this content your own and adopt these techniques and tactics by putting your personal "spin" on them.

What This Information Is About

As you review the techniques contained within this site, it is important that you understand in advance what this site is and is not.

This site is a compilation of unique techniques, tactics, methods, tips, and approaches specifically designed for the entry level job market. The great majority of information in this site is not available in any other single website or book. This content was developed to give college grads a true competitive edge in the entry level job market of the new millennium.

This site is not a one-size-fits-all formula. It requires your interaction and your personal touch. And it is not a guarantee of a job offer. Properly used and applied, it will lead you to the job offer. But there is a great deal of personal effort that you will need to provide in between. Never underestimate the amount of time necessary to find the very best position. Job search is a full-time job. You have invested a large amount of time and money in your education. As the payoff nears, do not sell yourself short in this, the all-important final lap.

Finally, this content is written specifically for the entry level college grad job market. While much of the material is applicable across all levels of job search, from entry level to management, from clerical to professional to technical, the techniques are written specifically for the entry level job market. However, you will find that many of the techniques are truly timeless and will be useful to you for the remainder of your professional life.

Plan to take lots of notes as you read this site. Don't hesitate to bookmark, highlight, print out, or whatever it takes to prompt you toward actually using the information. It is entirely up to you how you will benefit from the material contained in this site. These techniques have proven successful with hundreds and thousands of others, but will do nothing for you until you actually use them. Don't just say, "Hmm, that's interesting." Do it! Make it happen!

One final opening note: if you are looking for the "standard textbook answers" on entry level job search, you are reading the wrong site. The information I am giving you is not a collection of ideas from other websites—in fact, much of what you will read is not in other sites and even contradicts what the other sites and books say. And with good reason. Most of the books on job search do not apply specifically to entry level college grads. There are too many "job search handbooks" written by professional writers who have never hired—or been hired—in their entire life.

But if you are looking for honest, solid advice from someone who has been there, get ready for a whirlwind tour of everything you ever wanted to know about entry level job search. By the time you finish this site, you will be well-equipped to become a standout in the entry level employment process.

In the pages ahead is the next step in the adventure of your lifetime. I look forward to being your guide on this adventure. Happy hunting!

Your friend in your job search,

Brian Krueger
Former VP Global Talent Acquisition

…and author of this book and most of the job search content at

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