Avoiding Three Common Video Resume Errors

CollegeGrad.com presents "Avoiding Three Common Video Resume Errors." Watch this video to succeed in your job search.


Hi, everyone. I'm Brian Krueger with CollegeGrad.com and this is The Job Search Minute. When recording your video resume, you need to avoid these three common errors. Error number 1: not dressing the part. Wear a conservative interview outfit, the same you would for a formal interview. Error number 2: being too rehearsed. You should not be reading your answers or scripting out word for word. Practice your answers; yet keep your approach conversational, not scripted. Error number 3: being too stiff. This is not a screen test, and you are not acting. Let the real you shine through. Talk to the person on the other side of the webcam the same as you would with an actual interviewer. This has been The Job Search Minute, for more career information please visit CollegeGrad.com.