The Very Best Way to Present Your References presents "The Very Best Way to Present Your References."


Hi, everyone. I'm Brian Krueger with and this is The Job Search Minute. The very best way to present your references is not as a listing of contacts on a sheet of paper. Instead, ask each of your references to write a letter of recommendation. There are two reasons for this. Number 1: a letter of recommendation is a good way for you to find out who will provide you with the best overall reference. And number 2: you will be able to use it as a ready-made reference to supply to potential employers. The following is the letter format to follow: how they know you and how long they have know you, what they think of you, professionally and/or personally, and why you would be a great ______(blank)______, their recommendation. Then bring your letters of recommendation with you to your interviews to provide full references upon request. This has been The Job Search Minute, for more career information please visit

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