Using the E Quotient to Your Advantage in Interviewing presents "Using the E Quotient to Your Advantage in Interviewing." Watch this interview to learn how to succeed in your interview.


Hi, everyone. I'm Brian Krueger with and this is The Job Search Minute. Your E Quotient is your emotional quotient, or EQ, also referred to emotional intelligence. Research shows that those with a high EQ outperform those with a high IQ in the workplace. How do you show your EQ in the interview? Through focus behavioral examples of each EQ competency. Use examples to show your mastery through each competency, whether you are asked a competency based behavioral question or not. EQ competencies include: self-awareness, self-control, motivation, and social skills. Build up your framework of behavioral examples to weave into your interview responses. Building your EQ will make you a happier person in life, a more successful interviewer, and a more successful worker. This has been The Job Search Minute, for more career information please visit