Your Resume Experience Section presents "Your Resume Experience Section." The experience section of your resume resume needs to be formatted to show the full context of your experience.


Hi, everyone. I'm Brian Krueger with and this is The Job Search Minute. The experience section of an entry-level resume should include all viable work experience including internships, co-ops, summer jobs, and volunteer work. If it causes you to go beyond one page, shorten it up, or drop previous unrelated work. List your title and employment dates on the first line, then the employer name and location on the second line. Then list your results and accomplishments in bullet point format. Don’t tell me about your responsibilities, tell me about what you accomplished. Tell me about your specific behavioral results. Make sure you include searchable keywords for your career or industry since your resume will likely be loaded into a resume database applicant tracking system. To see the exact format, download the free quickstart resume templates at This has been The Job Search Minute, for more career information please visit

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